Belcourt Seven Oaks



Neighborhood Details

3503 Botanical Drive
Bakersfield, CA

Due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, our Sales Gallery is open by appointment only. Please contact the sales gallery to schedule your exclusive, private appointment.

Sales Counselor: Kathy Breeding
Lic. #01451789 

Real estate activities are conducted under Muirlands Real Estate Group, Inc. #01949603 
  • A community offering a distinct sense of place
  • Alluring community areas and great public spaces where all are welcome.
  • Parkways, lanes and plazas designed for people to enjoy.
  • A walkable and bike-able living environment where residents can walk to work, walk to school,and walk to shop.
  • Arts and culture elements which bring interest and activity to the community.
  • A community retail element where residents can gather, dine and interact.
  • Innovation and diversity in home offerings designed to meet the tastes and aspirations of s Bakersfield homebuyers.
  • Cul-de-sac streets in both gated and ungated neighborhoods to address our preferences and different life-stage families.

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